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Salman Khan Dr. Cabbie Movie Review

Star Cast:-      Vinay Virmani, Kunal Nayyar, Isabel Kaif
Salman Khan’s first international project released on 19th September. The movie tells the story of Deepak (VinayVirmani) an Indian doctor who lands up jobless in Canada. After being refused by many hospitals in Canada he ends up driving a cab. However, it was due to one particular incident when he helped with a pregnant woman’s delivery in his cab that it leads to the twist in the movie. This delivery filmed by Tony (KunnalNayar) his friend, goes viral in the media. As a result of which he sets up a clinic in his cab and gains the name, Dr. Cabbie.
The plot is innovative and both India and Toronto is beautifully shot by the director. LiletteDubey, playing Deepak’s mother is as usual convincing. Adrianne Palickiwho plays Deepak’s love interest in the movie is a pretty sight. It is Tony and Deepak’s chemistry and the funny adventures that give the audience moments of laughter but most of the time the humour is stretched and forced. InfactKunnalNayar is almost disappointing and over the top as Tony.
The movie has a consistent pace which helps to hold the audience’s interest to an extent. However, the movie lacks logic as well as effective comedy. The effort to put Bollywood masala and dance sequences further creates chaos. Dr. Cabbie is a genuine effort towards making a rom-com with an interesting plot but it loses itself in translation.  One can still applaud the director Jean-Fran├žois Pouliotfor his attempt to create a ‘hinglish’ potpourri.

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