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Tamil Box Office Collection 2022, Budget & Verdict Hit or Flop | Kollywood Movies 2022 Box Office Update

List of Hit or Flop Tamil Movies 2022 | Kollywood Films 2022 Box Office verdict Hits & Flops.

Here is the List of  Hit or Flop Tamil (Kollywood) all movie of 2022 recent releases in South India, including Box Office Collection with Verdict (Hit or Flop) Report. (Update on 16 May 2022), It is compiled according to various sources and Mtwikiblog.com research. The films are listed on the basis of worldwide gross, Worldwide Share and (Domestic Nett, Overseas).
Tamil Box Office Collection 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022, Budget and verdict Hit or Flop - Tamil (Kollywood) 2022 Movie Budget and Profit, Tamil Movie Box Office Collection 2021, Hit or Flop Status Report of South Indian Films 2021, 2022 Wiki, wikipedia, imdb
This year mostly small and medium-budget films release in theatres. We are providing you the Kollywood (Tamil) hit and flop films of 2022 Based on the box-office performance.
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Tamil Box Office Collection 2022, Budget and Verdict Hit or Flop

Movie Name

Box Office Collection Worldwide

India Tamil Net


Box Office Verdict (Hit Ya Flop)

Don40.5 Crore30.48 Crore50 CroreHit
Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness3500 Crore2.99 Crore-- CroreNone
Kaathuvaakula Rendu Kaadhal52.5 Crore40.33 Crore35 CroreHit
KGF Chapter 21176 Crore101.55 Crore100 CroreAll Time Blockbuster
Beast216.58 Crore119.98 Crore150 CroreNone
Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore- Crore0.34 Crore- CroreNone
Manmatha Leelai3 Crore3.05 Crore20-25 CroreNone
RRR1111.7 Crore58.48 Crore600 CroreHit
James150.2 Crore0.12 Crore60 CroreNone
Radhe Shyam144 Crore1.19 Crore350 CroreNone
Etharkkum Thunindhavan52.8 Crore43.59 Crore60 CroreNone
The Batman1900 Crore0.7 Crore CroreNone
Hey Sinamika3.75 Crore3.87 Crore15 CroreNone
Valimai164.5 Crore102.02 Crore150 CroreNone
Uncharted1100 Crore0.75 Crore670 CroreNone
FIR10.5 Crore8.55 Crore30 CroreNone
Veeramae Vaagai Soodum 8.5 Crore9.22 Crore20 CroreNone
Kombu Vatcha Singamda-- Crore0 Crore-- CroreNone
Enna Solla Pogirai-- Crore0 Crore-- CroreNone
Naai Sekar-- Crore0 Crore-- CroreNone

Tamil Box Office Collection 2021, Budget and Verdict Hit or Flop

Shyam Singha Roy 35 Crore1.45 Crore50 CroreNone
83178 Crore2.64 Crore200 CroreNone
Pushpa: The Rise - Part 1319 Crore15.51 Crore150 CroreSuper Hit
Spider-Man: No Way Home10170 Crore9.3 Crore$200 millionNone
Jail- Crore-- Crore1 CroreNone
Bachelor- Crore6.2 Crore1 CroreNone
Marakkar: Lion of the Arabian Sea45.4 Crore0.194 Crore100 CroreNone
Raajavamsam- Crore- Crore1 CroreNone
Maanaadu75 Crore52.18 Crore30 CroreNone
Sabhaapathy3.9 Crore3.25 Crore1 CroreNone
Border0.002 Crore0.002 Crore1 CroreDisaster
Kurup74 Crore3.56 Crore35 CroreNone
Eternals1300 Crore0.58 Crore1500 CroreNone
Enemy25 Crore16.26 Crore35 CroreNone
Annaatthe170.6 Crore100.05 Crore180 CroreNone
4 Sorry0.04 Crore0.04 Crore1 CroreDisaster
Chinna Pannai Periya Pannai0.005 Crore0.005 Crore1 CroreDisaster
Sonnadhe Tirippi Tirippi Solladhe0.006 Crore0.005 Crore1 CroreDisaster
Insha Allah0.01 Crore0.01 Crore1 CroreDisaster
Filter Gold0.08 Crore0.07 Crore1 CroreDisaster
Kaayam0.75 Crore0.065 Crore1 CroreDisaster
Aranmanai 324 Crore22.21 Crore1 CroreNone
Venom: Let There Be Carnage1460 Crore0.2 Crore820 CroreNone
Doctor91.3 Crore62.75 Crore35 CroreSuperHit
Rudra Thandavam9.3 Crore8.72 Crore1 CroreNone
No Time To Die1100 Crore1.68 Crore1850 CroreNone
Sivakumarin Sabadham7.8 Crore7.08 Crore1 CroreNone
Cinderella0.017 Crore0.006 Crore1 CroreNone
Chinnanjiru Kiliye0.023 Crore0.019 Crore1 CroreDisaster
Choo Mandhira Kaali0.016 Crore0.013 Crore1 CroreDisaster
Pei Mama0.19 Crore0.16 Crore1 CroreDisaster
Veerapuram0.017 Crore0.015 Crore1 CroreDisaster
Plan Panni Pannanum-- Crore-- Crore1 CroreDisaster
Friendship0.13 Crore0.11 Crore1 CroreDisaster
Don't Breathe 2-- Crore-- Crore1 CroreDisaster
Kodiyil Oruvan9.4 Crore7.8 Crore11 CroreFlop
Thalaivii8.5 Crore4.83 Crore60 CroreFlop
Laabam2.5 Crore5.41 Crore1 CroreNone
Devadas Brothers0.01 Crore0.01 Crore1 CroreNone
Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings930 Crore1.92 Crore1150 CroreNone
99 Songs0.06 Crore0.06 Crore7 CroreDisaster
Munna0.01 Crore0.01 Crore1 CroreDisaster
Chasing0.05 Crore0.05 Crore1 CroreDisaster
Karnan52 Crore41 Crore40 CroreSuperHit
Manja Satta Pacha Satta0.03 Crore0.03 Crore1 CroreDisaster
Call Taxi0.03 Crore0.03 Crore1 CroreDisaster
Sulthan36.5 Crore24.05 Crore50 CroreFlop
Engada Irundeenga Ivvalavu Naala0.14 Crore0.12 Crore2 CroreDisaster
Thodakkam0.03 Crore0.03 Crore1 CroreDisasterDisaster
Roommate0.09 Crore0.08 Crore1 CroreDisaster
Haathi Mere Saathi7.3 Crore2.84 Crore60 CroreFlop
Godzilla vs. Kong2500 Crore5.06 Crore1300 CroreNone
Thaen0.5 Crore0.43 Crore1 CroreDisaster
Michealpatty Raja0.04 Crore0.04 Crore1 CroreDisaster
Meendum Yathra0.03 Crore0.03 Crore1 CroreDisaster
Kadampari0.05 Crore0.05 Crore1 CroreDisaster
Mosagallu1.65 Crore0.05 Crore51 CroreDisaster
Michealpatty Raja0.04 Crore0.04 Crore1 CroreDisaster
Nenjam Marappathillai9.15 Crore7.48 Crore7 CrorePlus
Pogaru45.1 Crore0.33 Crore25 CroreDisaster
Chakra18.8 Crore9.8 Crore35 CroreFlop
Tom and Jerry415 Crore0.06 Crore580 CroreFlop
Parris Jeyaraj5.1 Crore4.14 Crore4 CroreFlop
Kalathil Sandhipom 3.4 Crore2.64 Crore4 CroreHit
Monster Hunter93 Crore0.1 Crore1 CroreLosing
Kalathil Sandhipom3.4 Crore2.64 Crore1 CroreHint
Eeswaran9.4 Crore7.91 Crore15 CroreHit
Master223 Crore140.92 Crore135 CroreBlockbuster
Krack60.15 Crore0.26 Crore40 CroreNone

Tamil Box Office Collection 2020, Budget and Verdict Hit or Flop

Dharala Prabhu3.4 Crore4 CroreFlop
Walter0.47 Crore4 CroreFlop
Kayiru0.09 Crore-- CroreFlop
Asura Guru2.4 Crore4 CroreFlop
College Kumar0.47 Crore-- CroreFlop
Velvet Nagaram0.3 Crore3 CroreFlop
Imsai Arasi0.25 Crore2 CroreFlop
Indha Nilai Maarum 0.1 Crore2 CroreFlop
Ettu Thikkum Para0.13 Crore3 CroreFlop
Gypsy10.85 Crore15 CroreFlop
Draupathi10 Crore--None
Mafia Chapter 17.3 Crore50 CroresFlop
World Famous Lover17 Crore35 CroresFlop
Psycho15 Crore40 CroresFlop
Pattas43 Crore50 CroresFlop
Darbar247.8 Crore200 CroresHit
En Sangathu Aala Adichavan Evanda0.14 Crore2 CroresFlop
Pizhai0.2 Crore2 CroresFlop
Thottu Vidum Thooram0.14 Crore1 CroresFlop
Pachai Vilakku0.15 Crore1 CroresFlop
Anandha Veedu0.06 Crore1 CroresFlop

Tamil Box Office Collection 2019, Budget & Verdict Hit or Flop

Avane Srimannarayana (ASN)61.56 Crore25 CroresSuper-Hit
Mamangam57.4 Crore40 CroresAverage
Bigil294.2 Crore180 CroresSuper-Hit
Kaithi106.8 Crore25 CroresBlockbuster
Petromax6 Crore10 CroresFlop
Asuran61.5 Crore30 CroresBlockbuster
Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy246.6 Crore275 CroresFlop
Kaappaan94.6 Crore75 CroresHit
Saaho438 Crores350 CroresAverage
Nerkonda Paarvai126.7 Crores50 CroreBlockbuster
Dear Comrade37 Crores25 CroreAverage
Kadaram Kondan21.2 Crores40 CroreFlop
Game Over16 Crores20 CroreLosing
NGK: Nandha Gopalan Kumaran87.25 Crores75 CroreHit
Avengers End Game18970 Crores2500 CroreAll Time Blockbuster
Kanchana 3130.2 Crores40 CroreBlockbuster
Super Deluxe26.84 Crores25 CroreAverage
Airaa5.21 Crores10 CroreFlop
Thadam26 Crores14 CroreBlockbuster
LKG2.72 Crores--Flop
Kanne Kalaimaane1.16 Crores--Flop
To Let1.07 Crores--Flop
Dhilluku Dhuddu 27.71 Crores--Flop
Dev12.5 Crores55 CroreDisaster
Vantha Rajavathaan Varuven20.9 Crores35 CroreFlop
Sarvam Thaala Mayam6.86 Crores-- CroreFlop
Charlie Chaplin 23.67 Crores-- CroreFlop
Peranbu3.46 Crores-- CroreFlop
Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi133 Crores125 CroreAverage
Petta231 Crores160 CroreHit
Viswasam189 Crores90 CroreBlockbuster

Tamil Box Office Collection 2018, Budget & Verdict Hit or Flop

Seethakaathi7.83 Crores (WW)Flop
Maari 245.4 Crores (WW)Average
Adanga Maru20.27 Crores (WW)Average
Kanaa13.73 Crores (WW)Flop
Silukkuvarupatti Singam6.85 Crores (WW)Flop
2.0675 Crores (WW)Super-Hit
Kaatrin Mozhi11.23 Crores (WW)Flop
Thimiru Pudichavan6.83 Crores (WW)Flop
Sarkar257 Crores (WW)Hit
Sandakozhi 251.5 Crores (WW)Average
Vada Chennai62.5 Crores (WW)Above Average
9655.5 Crores (WW)Blockbuster as of now!
Chekka Chivantha Vaanam92.5 Crores (WW)Super Hit
Saamy Square (Saamy2)38.03 Crores (WW)--
Seema Raja57 Crores (WW)Hit
Imaikkaa Nodigal41.5 Crores (WW)--
Vanjagar Ulagam1.72 Crores--
Kolamavu Kokila47.1 Crores (WW)Double Blockbuster
Vishwaroopam II52.1 CroresDisaster
Pyaar Prema Kaadhal12.89 Crores--
Ghajinikanth7.58 Crores--
Mohini03.07 CroresFlop
Kadaikutty Singam50.14 CroresSuper-hit
Tamizh Padam 233.89 CroresAverage
Tik Tik Tik21.1 CroresN/A
Kaala93.4 CroresBig Flop
nadigaiyar thilagam30.8 CroresAverage
Kaali30.8 CroresFlop
Baskar Oru Rascal6 CroresAverage
Irumbu thirai30.8 CroresSuper Hit
Below average7 CroresBelow average
Iruttu Arayil Murattu Kuthu7 CroresFlop
Diya - Sai pallavi7 CroresAverage
Avengers infinity war62 CroresBlockbuster
Pakka3 CroresSuper-Hit
Mercury7 CroresFlop
Nimir7 CroresFlop
Mannar vagaiyara7 CroresFlop
Bhaagamathie12 CroresAverage
Thaanaa Serndha Koottam95 CroresBelow Average
Sketch36 CroresAverage
Gulaebaghavali15 CroresFlop
Yemali2 CroresFlop
Padaiveeran1.12 CroresFlop
Sollividava2.12 CroresFlop
Naachiyar321 CroresAverage
Kalakalappu 227 CroresABove Average
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