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Telugu Box Office Collection 2021, Budget & Verdict Hit or Flop | Tollywood Movie 2021 Cost, Collection, Profit, Loss

Telugu Box Office Collection 2021, Budget and Verdict Hit or Flop | Tollywood Movies 2021 Box Office, Hit and Flop, Profit, Loss.

Here is the List of Telugu (Tollywood) all movie of 2021 recent releases in South India, including Box Office Collection, Budget and Profit with Hit or Flop Status Report. This page last Update on 20 October 2021, It is compiled according to various sources and Mtwikiblog.com research.
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This year mostly small and medium-budget films release in theatre. We are providing you the Tollywood hit and flop films of 2021 and Based on the box-office performance.
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Recent Box Office Verdicts Report of Tollywood Movies Releases in 2021.

Telugu Box Office Collection 2021 and Verdict Hit or Flop

Movie Name


India Telugu Net


Box Office Verdict (Hit Ya Flop)

Pelli SandaD7.4 Crore6.24 Crore1 CroreNone
Most Eligible Bachelor32.8 Crore24.45 Crore1 CroreNone
Venom: Let There Be Carnage1460 Crore0.15 Crore820 CroreNone
Maha Samudram9.35 Crore7.3 Crore1 CroreNone
Doctor74.5 Crore2.42 Crore35 CroreNone
Aaradugula Bullet1.05 Crore0.93 Crore1 CroreNone
Konda Polam5.65 Crore4.37 Crore1 CroreDisaster
The Rose Villa0.002 Crore0.002 Crore1 CroreDisaster
Idhe Maa Katha0.09 Crore0.08 Crore1 CroreDisaster
The Rose Villa0.002 Crore0.002 Crore1 CroreDisaster
Republic11.5 Crore8.91 Crore15-20 CroreFlop
No Time To Die900 Crore0.28 Crore1850 CroreDisaster
Maro Prasthanam0.015 Crore0.014 Crore1 CroreDisaster
Cinderella0.017 Crore0.007 Crore27 CroreDisaster
Love Story59 Crore39.3 Crore27 CroreBlockbuster
Plan B0.004 Crore0.004 Crore1 CroreDisaster
Honey Trap0.005 Crore0.005 Crore1 CroreDisaster
Gem0.0001 Crore0.0001 Crore1 CroreDisaster
Kodiyil Oruvan9.4 Crore0.25 Crore1 CroreNone
Gully Rowdy1 Crore5.26 Crore1 CroreNone
Don't Breathe 2-- Crore-- Crore1 CroreNone
Jathiya Rahadari0.003 Crore0.003 Crore1 CroreDisaster
GST (God Saithan Technology)0.005 Crore0.005 Crore1 CroreDisaster
Seetimaarr14.2 Crore13.28 Crore1 CroreNone
Thalaivii8.5 Crore0.64 Crore60 CroreNone
Laabam2.5 Crore0.37 Crore1 CroreNone
The Killer0.004 Crore0.035 Crore1 CroreDisaster
Dear Megha0.1 Crore0.08 Crore1 CroreDisaster
Nootokka Jillala Andagadu0.6 Crore0.78 Crore1 CroreDisaster
Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings930 Crore0.49 Crore1150 CroreNone
Sridevi Soda Center6.8 Crore6.13 Crore1 CroreNone
Suryasthamayam0.1 Crore0.08 Crore1 CroreDisaster
House Arrest0.15 Crore0.12 Crore1 CroreDisaster
Ichata Vahanamulu Nilupa Radu0.8 Crore0.7 Crore1 CroreDisaster
Cheruvaina Dooramaina0.01 Crore0.01 Crore1 CroreDisaster
Bazar Rowdy0.02 Crore0.02 Crore1 CroreDisaster
Crazy Uncles0.16 Crore0.13 Crore1 CroreDisaster
Raja Raja Chora8.4 Crore6 Crore1 CroreBlockbuster
Rythanna0.04 Crore0.03 Crore1 CroreDisaster
Paagal10.5 Crore8.42 Crore10 CroreFlop
Brandy Diaries0.008 Crore0.007 Crore1 CroreDisaster
Chaitanyam0.003 Crore0.003 Crore1 CroreDisaster
Sundari0.006 Crore0.005 Crore1 CroreDisaster
Orey Baammardhi1 Crore0.84 Crore3 CroreFlop
Ksheera Sagara Madhanam0.005 Crore0.005 Crore1 CroreDisaster
SR Kalyana Mandapam14.1 Crore11.31 Crore11 CroreBlockbuster
Ishq - Not a Love Story1.17 Crore1.01 Crore6 CroreFlop
MAD - Marriage And Divorce0.008 Crore0.007 Crore1 CroreDisaster
Ippudu Kaaka Inkeppudu0.018 Crore0.015 Crore1 CroreDisaster
Mugguru Monagallu0.02 Crore0.02 Crore1 CroreDisaster
Merise Merise0.01 Crore0.01 Crore1 CroreDisaster
Parigettu Parigettu0.002 Crore0.0017 Crore1 CroreDisaster
Trayam0.009 Crore0.008 Crore1 CroreDisaster
Narasimhapuram0.012 Crore0.012 Crore1 CroreDisaster
Thimmarusu2.55 Crore2.55 Crore5 CroreLosing
Ishq - Not a Love Story1.17 Crore1.01 Crore6 CroreFlop
Checkmate0.01 Crore0.01 Crore1 CroreDisaster
Itlu Anjali0.02 Crore0.02 Crore1 CroreDisaster
Tempt Raja0.02 Crore0.02 Crore1 CroreDisaster
Deyyam0.4 Crore0.82 Crore5 CroreFlop
Idhee Kala Khadu0.01 Crore0.01 Crore5 CroreFlop
Vakeel Saab137.5 Crore109.55 Crore7 CroreAverage
Wild Dog7.6 Crore5.95 Crore25 CroreFlop
Sulthan36.5 Crore5.25 Crore50 CroreFlop
Yuvarathnaa38.7 Crore0.68 Crore25 CroreHit
Thellavarithe Guruvaram0.34 Crore0.29 Crore2 CroreDisaster
Haathi Mere Saathi7.3 Crore5.65 Crore60 CroreFlop
Rang De27 Crore20.17 Crore25 CroreFlop
Ee Kadhalo Paathralu Kalpitam0.01 Crore0.01 Crore1 CroreDisaster
Godzilla vs. Kong27 Crore20.17 Crore25 CroreFlop
Chaavu Kaburu Challaga2500 Crore2.32 Crore1300 CroreHit
Sashi0.7 Crore0.6 Crore5 CroreDisaster
Mosagallu1.65 Crore1.19 Crore51 CroreDisaster
Jathi Ratnalu68 Crore49.76 Crore15 CroreBlockbuster
Roberrt69.5 Crore0.35 Crore30 CroreSuperHit
A1 Express7.2 Crore6.19 Crore10 CroreAverage
Check15.55 Crore12.15 Crore25 CroreFlop
Chakra18.8 Crore5.3 Crore35 CroreFlop
Pogaru45.1 Crore3.69 Crore25 CroreHit
Naandhi8.5 Crore7.14 Crore4 CroreBlockbuster
Uppena84.1 Crore70 Crore22 CroreBlockbuster
Zombie Reddy11 Crore9.31 Crore4 CroreHit
Monster Hunter69.5 Crore0.35 Crore30 CroreSuperHit
30 Rojullo Preminchadam Ela12.2 Crore10.22 Crore6 CroreHit
Alludu Adhurs13 Crore10.85 Crore15 CroreAverage
Red31.2 Crore25.96 Crore20 CroreSuperHit
Master223 Crore9.93 Crore135 CroreBlockbuster
Krack60.15 Crore50.02 Crore40 CroreBlockbuster
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  1. Kaala Telugu version collected 7 Crores and is a disaster. Around 23 Crores loss to distributors. It is a super hit in Tamil Nadu.

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  4. Vineya Vidheya Rama was Flop not Average

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