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Malayalam Box Office Collection 2024 Budget, Verdict Hit or Flop

Malayalam Box Office Collection 2024 and 2023, Budget, Verdict Hit or Flop | All Malayalam Movies Box office Collection Of 2024

Malayalam Box Office Collection 2024 and 2023, Budget and Verdict Hit or Flop - Here is the complete listing of the Mollywood Movies Box Office Collection of latest released in 2024 and 2023. Mtwikiblog.com is in the This post shared info {movie Released Date, India Malayalam Net and Worldwide gross collections}. This page is last updated on on April 22, 2024.
Malayalam Box Office Collection 2024 and 2023, Malayalam Movie Budget, Verdict Hit or Flop 2023 and 2024.

Malayalam (Mollywood) Box Office Collection 2024 Budget and Verdict Hit or Flop

Movie WorldwideIndia Malayalam NetBudgetVerdict (Hit or Flop)
Jai Ganesh1.75 Crore1.56 Crore10 CroreNone
Varshangalkku Shesham35.65 Crore15.9 Crore30 CroreNone
Aavesham42 Crore19.85 Crore55 CroreNone
L0.02 Crore0.02 Crore10 CroreNone
Chappakuthu0.01 Crore0.01 Crore10 CroreNone
Badal The Manifesto0.01 Crore0.01 Crore10 CroreNone
Swaram0.02 Crore0.02 Crore10 CroreNone
Vayassethrayayi Muppathi0.15 Crore0.14 Crore10 CroreNone
Aadujeevitham - The Goat Life133.9 Crore69.8 Crore40 CroreNone
Kuthood0.02 Crore0.02 Crore10 CroreNone
Secret Home0.23 Crore0.21 Crore10 CroreNone
Dial 1000.02 Crore0.02 Crore10 CroreNone
Ithuvare0.12 Crore0.1 Crore10 CroreNone
Jananam: 1947 Pranayam Thudarunnu0.07 Crore0.07 Crore10 CroreNone
Anchakkallakokkan1.96 Crore1.74 Crore10 CroreNone
Razakar - Silent Genocide of Hyderabad1.11 Crore0.04 Crore10 CroreNone
Oru Sarkar Ulpannam0.12 Crore0.11 Crore10 CroreNone
Manasa Vacha0.1 Crore0.1 Crore10 CroreNone
Thankamani0.59 Crore2.12 Crore10 CroreNone
The Spoils0.01 Crore0.01 Crore10 CroreNone
Kadakan0.03 Crore0.02 Crore10 CroreNone
Aanandhapuram Diaries0.01 Crore0 Crore10 CroreNone
Choppu0.01 Crore0 Crore10 CroreNone
Arivaal0.03 Crore0.03 Crore10 CroreNone
Family (Malayalam)0.07 Crore0.07 Crore10 CroreNone
Manjummel Boys26 Crore10.8 Crore40 CroreNone
Thundu0.8 Crore0.71 Crore10 CroreNone
Andhakara0.25 Crore0.22 Crore10 CroreNone
Bramayugam46.95 Crore19.98 Crore40 CroreNone
Anweshippin Kandethum8.2 Crore6.37 Crore40 CroreNone
Premalu12.75 Crore7.15 Crore40 CroreNone
Malaikottai Vaaliban29.75 Crore13.97 Crore40 CroreNone
Hanuman286.85 Crore0.31 Crore50 CroreNone
Abraham Ozler40.4 Crore20.8 Crore30 CroreNone

Malayalam (Mollywood) Box Office Collection 2023, Budget and Verdict Hit or Flop

Movie WorldwideIndia Malayalam NetBudgetVerdict (Hit or Flop)
Salaar Part 1606 Crore10.79 Crore270 CroreNone
Neru (2023)78.45 Crore40.45 Crore20 CroreNone
Antony (2023)8.3 Crore6.99 Crore20 CroreAverage
Animal898.65 Crore0.24 Crore200 CroreAverage
Kaathal - The Core13.85 Crore10.44 Crore20 CroreNone
Sapta Sagaradaache Ello (Side B)15.6 Crore0.12 Crore10 CroreNone
Falimy2.42 Crore2.79 Crore10 CroreNone
Bandra1.35 Crore4.15 Crore10 CroreNone
Garudan26.5 Crore14.46 Crore10 CroreNone
Chaaver4 Crore3.4 Crore10 CroreNone
Chithha11.6 Crore0.02 Crore10 CroreNone
Kannur Squad80.3 Crore39.22 Crore20 CroreBlockbuster
Kasargold Crore1.88 Crore10 CroreNone
Ramachandra Boss and Co Crore0.6 Crore10 CroreNone
RDX84.07 Crore 46.8 Crore10 CroreBlockbuster
King Of Kotha31.35 Crore13.56 Crore50 CroreNone
Voice of Sathyanathan22 Crore13.88 Crore10 CroreNone
Padmini1.5 Crore0.95 Crore10 CroreNone
Journey of Love 18+3.6 Crore2.63 Crore10 CroreDisaster
Dhoomam6 Crore2.63 Crore10 CroreDisaster
Adipurush390.5 Crore1.27 Crore500 CroreNone
2018180.03 Crore83.31 Crore15 CroreAll Time Blockbuster
Pachuvum Athbutha Vilakkum16.3 Crore9.93 Crore10 CroreNone
Agent13.4 Crore0.2 Crore40 CroreDisaster
Ponniyin Selvan - Part 2344.63 Crore8.85 Crore250 CroreHit
Shaakuntalam11 Crore0.04 Crore60 CroreNone
Madanolsavam0 Crore0.15 Crore-- CroreNone
Adi0 Crore0.06 Crore40 CroreDisaster
Pookkaalam0 Crore0.32 Crore40 CroreDisaster
Enthadaa Saji0 Crore0.15 Crore40 CroreDisaster
Kolaambi0 Crore0.03 Crore40 CroreDisaster
Corona Papers0 Crore0.26 Crore10 CroreDisaster
Dasara115.5 Crore0.42 Crore65 CroreSuper Hit
Vellaripattanam0 Crore0.53 Crore120 Crorenone
Kabzaa34.5 Crore0.25 Crore120 Crorenone
Maheshum Marutiyum0 Crore0.15 Crore5 Crorenone
Thuramukham0 Crore4.65 Crore5 Crorenone
Ntikkakkakkoru Premandaarnnu0 Crore 0.1 Crore10 Crorenone
Christy0.18 Crore0.15 Crore10 CroreDisaster
Spadikam Rerelease2.65 Crore2.25 Crore15 CroreAverage
Christopher7 Crore4.05 Crore15 CroreFlop
Romancham67.8 Crore38.03 Crore3 CroreBlockbuster
Thankam0.65 Crore0.55 Crore10 CroreDisaster
Alone0.83 Crore0.71 Crore15 CroreDisaster
Nanpakal Nerathu Mayakkam9.7 Crore5.02 Crore4 CroreHit

Malayalam (Mollywood) Box Office Collection 2022, Budget and Verdict Hit or Flop

Movie WorldwideIndia Malayalam NetBudgetVerdict (Hit or Flop)
Malikappuram28.51 Crore17.72 Crore5 CroreHit
Kaapa18.3 Crore11.52 Crore10 CroreNone
Avatar: The Way of Water13960 Crore6.4 Crore3200 CroreNone
Gold11.3 Crore5.2 Crore10 CroreFlop
Aanaparambile World Cup Crore0.1 Crore5 CroreNone
Adrishyam0.5 Crore0.2 Crore5 CroreNone
Mukundan Unni Associates0.5 Crore1.87 Crore5 CroreNone
Yashoda32.13 Crore 0.01 Crore35 CroreNone
Kooman14.05 Crore8.52 Crore5 CroreHit
Saturday Night1.55 Crore1.4 Crore10 CroreNone
Jaya Jaya Jaya Jaya Hey43.2 Crore26.36 Crore5.5 CroreNone
Ginna0.24 Crore0.001 Crore15 CroreNone
Padavettu4.1 Crore2.76 Crore15 CroreNone
Monster6.97 Crore5.19 Crore10 CroreNone
Rorschach39.13 Crore19 Crore15 CroreNone
Kantara407.82 Crore13.11 Crore16 CroreHit
Ponniyin Selvan - Part 1 (PS 1)488.36 Crore7.44 Crore250 CroreHit
Mei Hoom Moosa3.28 Crore2.96 Crore10 CroreNone
Chattambi-- Crore0.39 Crore10 CroreDisaster
Kotthu-- Crore0.55 Crore10 CroreDisaster
Visudha Mejo-- Crore0.1 Crore10 CroreDisaster
Brahmastra Part One: Shiva430 Crore0.01 Crore410 CroreNone
Pathonpatham Noottandu7.1 Crore8.09 Crore15 CroreNone
Oru Thekkan Thallu Case3.3 Crore2.6 Crore7 CroreNone
Ottu2 Crore1.53 Crore10 CroreNone
Palthu Janwar6.93 Crore5.41 Crore7 CroreNone
Theerppu2 Crore1.45 Crore25 CroreDisaster
Liger56.18 Crore0.34 Crore125 CroreDisaster
Thallumaala40 Crore22.78 Crore15 CroreSuper Hit
Nna Thaan Case Kodu12.8 Crore18.5 Crore7 CroreHit
Sita Ramam85.69 Crore5.07 Crore30 CroreHit
Paappan24.6 Crore15.71 Crore10 CroreSuper Hit
Vikrant Rona100.35 Crore0.44 Crore95 CroreAverage
Malayankunju10 Crore8.49 Crore10 CroreNone
Mahaveeryar- Crore3.52 Crore10 CroreNone
Elaveezhapoonchira- Crore0.93 Crore10 CroreDisaster
Kaduva44.5 Crore20 Crore15 CroreHit
Ullasam Crore0.08 Crore10 CroreDisaster
Rocketry: The Nambi Effect45.25 Crore0.2 Crore60 CroreDisaster
Priyan Ottathilaanu Crore0.31 Crore5 CroreNone
Heaven Crore0.15 Crore15-20 CroreDisaster
777 Charlie102.75 Crore3.16 Crore15 CroreNone
Ante Sundaraniki31.5 Crore0.1 Crore45 CroreNone
Major58.2 Crore0.23 Crore30 Crore
Kuttavum Shikshayum Crore0.34 Crore10 CroreDisaster
John Luther Crore0.85 Crore7 CroreDisaster
Jack N Jill Crore0.27 Crore10 CroreDisaster
Jo & Jo Crore6.83 Crore10 CroreDisaster
CBI 5: The Brain4.4 Crore12.29 Crore15 CroreFlop
Makal- Crore1.06 Crore- Crore
Jana Gana Mana48.8 Crore25.63 Crore20 CroreBlockbuster
KGF Chapter 21207 Crore49.74 Crore100 CroreAll Time Blockbuster
RRR1111.7 Crore18.41 Crore600 CroreHit
James150.2 Crore0.01 Crore60 Crore
Radhe Shyam144 Crore0.07 Crore350 Crore
Bheeshma Parvam83 Crore42.38 Crore15 CroreBlockbuster
Upacharapoorvam Gunda0.63 Crore0.55 Crore3-5 CroreDisaster
Member Rameshan 9aam Ward0.49 Crore0.48 Crore3-5 CroreDisaster
Aaraattu20.15 Crore11.24 Crore25 CroreFlop
Archana 31 Not Out38 Crore0.1 Crore1 CroreDisaster
Kallan D'Souza0.15 Crore0.17 Crore1 CroreDisaster
Hridayam53.1 Crore26.06 Crore6 CroreBlockbuster
Meppadiyan - Crore4.5 Crore3 CroreNone
Super Sharanya- Crore6.5 Crore6.5 CroreNone

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