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Bigg Boss 8: Salman Khan made joke at Shah Rukh Khan’s Happy New Year, & promotes Aamir Khan PK.

Indian television viewers eagerly wait for Big Boss, which is undoubtedly one of their most favorite shows. But, we all know the reason that makes the show so much popular among the masses, and it is none other than our Salman Khan. Like every week, yesterday the host of the show, Salman Khan came up with the special episode ‘Weekend ka Wow’, which is popular because of the wow factor it incorporates. Yesterday, the host of the popular show put all the contestants through the mill one by one. Gautam Gulati was the first to be grilled, and Dimpy Mahajan was the last one. However, one particular thing that made yesterday’s grilling episode really interesting is the way Salman Khan took a dig at Shah Rukh Khan’s Happy New Year. And, he also mentioned Aamir Khan’s PK in his show. Let’s tell you what happened actually.
During the show, our Sallu Bhai made an attempt to tell the contestants that the producers of this popular show that is Big Boss 8 portray exactly what happens inside the house, rather than anything else. He gave an example by saying that the bald head of contestant PuneetIssar cannot be shown same as the one having lots of hair to the viewers of Big Boss 8. In addition, he also went further in order to prove his point, by saying that “It’s not like if you go to watch Happy New Year, they will show you PK, unless you have gone to see PK in the first place!” Well, this comment contains a subtle message, which everyone might have understood. And, this is the reason why fans love Mr. Khan. But, now it would be interesting to see how the Badshah of Bollywood that is Shah Rukh Khan reacts to Salman’s comments.

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