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Covid-19 - These Bollywood Stars Stood with the Government, Donated Crores of Rupees.

The whole Bollywood stood with the government in the battle of corona virus, these stars donated crores of rupees

Covid-19 - These Bollywood stars stood with the government, donated crores of rupees.
The corona virus has shaken the country's economy. This is the reason, Prime Minister Modi appealed to the people of the country to unite and help each other. Since then, Bollywood stars have opened their doors to the common people. Constantly some star is busy donating to help the common people. See list-

Akshay Kumar
Amount:-  Rs 25 crores
Akshay Kumar has recently informed that by tweeting, he is going to give Rs 25 crore to the government. PM Modi has also praised this decision of Akshay.

Salman Khan
Salman Khan may not have made any donation to the PM Relief Fund, but he is raising the expenses of 25,000 daily workers of Film City.

Amount:-  Rs 4 crores
Bahubali actor Prabhas has also put forward his hand to help people this time. Prabhas has given a donation of 4 crores to the government. Out of which 3 crore will go to the Prime Minister's Relief Fund and the remaining 1 crore will be given to the Telangana and Andhra Pradesh CM Relief Fund.

Mahesh babu
Amount:-  Rs 2 crores
South's superstar has donated Rs 2 crore to the government two days ago.

Hema Malini
Amount:-  Rs 1 crores
In this war against Corona virus, actress and MP Hema Malini has announced a grant of one crore rupees.

Kartik Aryan
Amount:-  Rs 1 crores
Karthik Aryan came to help in Corona's war, donated 1 crore to PM Relief Fund

Pawan Kalyan
Amount:-  Rs 1 crores
South's superstar and leader Pawan Kalyan has also helped the common people by giving one crore rupees.

Amount:-  Rs 70 lakhs
Ramcharan has announced to deposit Rs 70 lakh in the Prime Minister's Relief Fund.

Varun Dhawan
Amount:-  Rs 55 lakhs
Varun Dhawan is contributing Rs 30 lakh to the PM Care Fund. Apart from this, Varun Dhawan has also given 25 lakh rupees for the fund of Government of Maharashtra.

Amount:-  Rs 50 lakhs
South's superstar Rajinikanth is the first actor to help the general public. Rajinikanth donated 50 lakh rupees to the government to help the laborers so that no one would go hungry at this time.

Sunny Deol
Amount:-  Rs 50 lakhs
Sunny Deol has announced a donation of Rs 50 lakh for the people of Gurdarpur. Sunny Deol wants to help the people of Gurdarpir at this time.

Kapil Sharma
Amount:-  Rs 50 lakhs
Comedian Kapil Sharma has also given Rs 50 lakh to the Prime Minister's Relief Fund. Kapil has given information about this through social media.

Hrithik Roshan
Hrithik Roshan has also bought N-95 and FFP3 masks for BMC personnel.

Raj Kumar Rao
Rajkumar Rao has announced to help the PM Relief Fund, Seema of Maharashtra Relief Fund and Jomato Feeding India at three places simultaneously.

Amount:-  Rs 25 lakhs
The emperor has donated 25 lakh rupees to help the people. Along with this, the Badshah has also asked people to donate.

Amrapali Dubey (Bhohpuri Actress)
Amount:-  Rs 2.5 lakhs

Akshara Singh (Bhohpuri Actress)
Amount:-  Rs 2.5 lakhs

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