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Pointers for a good voice actor

Pointers for a good voice actor
 If you have a great voice, then voice acting as a career is a great option for you. Having said that, this cannot be the only factor in having a strong career. It is not just a great voice, but you also need to be a person with endless ambition, a good business sense, and polished talent. Voice acting can be one of the most rewarding and exciting careers of today. After all, it gives you flexible working hours, the ability to work from home, and so many other choices. But like any other career,voice acting also take a lot of effort and hard work.

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Here aresome great pointers on how to become a good voice actor. These steps would be applicable to beginners as well as advanced learners –

·         The first step towards voice acting would be finding your voice.You need to sit down, concentrate, and record some lines.Then sit back, listen to the recording, and see what can be done.What is your voice like?Would you prefer narration,or would you prefer acting?Are you capable of manipulating your voice as such?

·         When you need to change your voice - stand up straight, maybe drink some water and then start working on the pitch. Try changing your voice volume. You also need to exercise your breathing. You need to know when to control it and went to let it go. If you are happy with the results, then you need to take note of that and work on retaining that tone.

·         Whatever may be the kind of work, you need to speak extremely clearly. While speaking, you need to focus on enunciation, pronunciation, and breathing. The listeners should be able to hear you clearly.

·         A great way of improving your voice is by working with others. It would be preferable if they are more talented or skilled than you. That way, you'll be able to pick up more ideas and techniques from them. It would also give you motivation so that you can improve and be on par with them.

·         Warming exercises are extremely important. Whether you already have a job; or are just working on a demo, you still need to prepare for each session. Your facial muscles need to be exercised; you need to practice your lip rolls, as well as the breathing exercises. Humming is a great way to warm up.

·         When we get a new script or a project, most of us tend to just read through it; so that we get an idea of the content. However, what we should be doing is not just simply read it, but practice it along. Voice practice reads are always a great idea before any kind of recording and while getting to know the material.

·         It's possible that you're in between work or are taking a break. Whatever the situation, to be a good voice actor - your voice needs to be kept in shape. You need constant practice; you need to develop your voice as well as techniques. You also need to treat your voice properly. Before every recording, ensure that you get good sleep, drink lots of water, and have your regular warmups.  

·         Your tone has to be according to the content of the material. If you read a statement, you need to make it sound like a statement and not as a question. You need to focus on the inflection - that is how the form of a word is changed.


Always remember to practice with variety. Various emotions can also be presented in various ways. For example, anger need not necessarily always have to be loud; it can rather be expressed through emotions too, and not only through volume.

·         Please remember that a voice actor also needs to be physical.When you speak into the mic, you also ought to be theatrical.Move your arms around, change your facial expressions - and your voice will follow.You need to give your voice – 'life.'

·         If you are a beginner, you need to know that demos can cost a lot of time and money. Hence, before you rush into creating your own demo, you need to master your voice. You can record or review and practice all you want. However, your demo should be created only once you're comfortable with your talent, and you are confident about your capabilities as a voice actor.   

You could also try voice classes. Most major cities have such voice-over classes. In the current ongoing pandemic, you also have the choice of opting for online voice training sessions. After all, it is mostly about voice exercises. You could also think about general voice classes, which would teach you the right way to breathe, voice control, warmups, elocution, and so on. If you have the inclination, singing lessons are a great idea too. 

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