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Aviator from Spribe, the most popular Crash Game

Aviator from Spribe, the most popular


Aviator by Spribe is a modern, simple and original crash money game. The gameplay of Aviator is so simple, and so addictive that it gives a head start to many slot machine type games.You simply have to place a bet and, once the round has started, press "Cashout" at any convenient moment until the plane leaves the field of vision. In this case, only you decide when to take your bet, and the game in turn, based on a random number generator, generates the odds at which the plane will fly away.

The essence of the game Aviator


The whole point of Aviator is to place your bet, and then you decide at what odds to collect your profit before the plane flies away. The plane flies away at a certain odds, which is formed by coding the hashes from the first players to place a bet. In fact, no one can influence what the odds will be in a given round, and no one has any way of knowing the result before the round is over.


The odds are randomly generated between x1.0 and x1000000 and then only you decide which "height" and in what time to take your winnings or to keep taking risks in the hope that the plane will take off "to the sky".


This clever and simple algorithm places the result of winning your bet entirely on your shoulders. You either pick up the odds in change after the plane has taken off, or you take the occasional risk and it can reward the player pleasantly. A little luck certainly doesn't hurt either.


But unlike slots, in Aviator you have more control over what happens, rather than being almost totally dependent on a random generator.

Fair play


The Aviator game uses a cryptographic technology called "Provably Fair". This makes it impossible for any outside interference with the gameplay.The result of each round, specifically the flight odds themselves, is not generated on the casino's or game provider's servers, but is generated with the help of the players who participate in the round. At the same time, each player can check and confirm the fairness of the round's odds output.

Tactics and strategy to win


With the advent of Aviator, many different strategies for winning have begun to emerge. We'll tell you about each one in detail, but note that all of these are mainly the result of player observations and attempts to identify a pattern to the high odds in the game.


The two most popular working strategies


        At low odds (quick and easy).

You can look at the Plane's previous flight history in the game and see that it is extremely rare to fly away at very low odds. Therefore, you can choose the strategy of closing all your bets as soon as the plane takes off, i.e. at odds x1.1 to x1.4. Yes, you will make a long profit, but you will minimise the chance of losing as much as possible.


       Waiting (longer, but also more).

Our goal is to wait for a series of rounds in which the plane flies at low odds (x1.0-x1.8). We wait for a series of 5-10 such rounds and start taking risks: we place two bets of equal size.Close the first one at odds of x2, overlapping the possible loss of the second one. We close the second one with the risk at odds of x5-x15. If we lose the second one, we do not lose, we stay on our own.

The most profitable strategy (mathematical expectation)


This is the most profitable, but also the most difficult strategy game of Aviator.


1. You need to go into the Aviator game odds history for the day and find when there was a high odds of x100+.

2. Set the time from the time of the last high odds to 1 hour and start playing with two bets.

3. The first bet close at x10-x20, and the second risk up to x100.


According to our observations in Aviator, a high bet of x100+ occurs about once every 1-1.5 hours, so it remains to time intervals from the last high odds and place bets.

This is the most profitable strategy in Aviator at the moment.

Doubling strategy (based on math)


This strategy is all about increasing your bet if you lose. Some increase it by 1.5, and others double it.


Let's explain with an example of doubling:


  1. You bet 1 usd and take your winnings at odds of x2.
  2. If you lose, you bet 2 usd and try to close it again at x2. If you win, you close all previous losses, if you lose, you raise your bet.
  3. If you lose the previous bet, now bet 4 usd and again try to close it with x2.


How to top up an Aviator account


To play Aviator for money, of course, you must first top up your balance. You can do this any way you like. At the moment, the most common way to top up is with cryptocurrencies. You can also deposit money into your account from any bank card.


How to withdraw


To withdraw your winnings from the Aviator game, all the same methods are used as for depositing money into your account.

Aviator's official website


The original website for the Aviator game itself is the developer's website Spribe.co/games/aviator. But they only allow you to play the demo version of the game. To play Aviator for money you need to visit the official website of one of the casinos that cooperate with the developer.


Who is the developer


The developer of Aviator is Spribe. At the moment, Aviator is the most successful project of the company and is actively promoted in various countries around the world by popular game operators.



It's simple: place any bet before the plane takes off, watch the plane take off and your winnings go up, withdraw until the plane disappears and win X times as much. But remember, if the plane flies away before you withdraw, your bet is lost.


The sense of the game


The sense of Aviator is to take a risk to win. You place a bet (and you can place two bets at once) and the round starts - the plane takes off. It starts at odds of x1.0 and increases steadily. Your winnings are equal to the multiplication of your bet by the plane's flight factor. You can press 'Cashout' at any time to collect your accumulated winnings from the round. But keep in mind that the plane can fly away at any moment of the round, whether the odds are x1.1 or x1000. If you fail to pick up your winnings and the plane flies away, your bet goes bust.

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