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Make real and punish the monsters who commit sexual violence against children and women

Meipada Sey is a film produced by BR Tamilselvam on behalf of SR Harshit Pictures at a huge cost.

In our country, which values motherhood and womanhood, sexual crimes against children and women are increasing. There is no punishment or action against sex crimes according to law. But the reality is that if a law is made that the crime should never happen, rather than giving deep sympathy and comfort money after a crime has been committed, sexual assault crimes will not occur here.

Make real and punish the monsters who commit sexual violence against children and women

Four friends living in the village with such social concern come to Chennai with their love wife due to chance. Looking for a way to live in Chennai, they have to witness the murderous rampage of sex offenders before their eyes. This film talks about whether the law of our country for the people has punished the wrongdoers or created criminals.

It stars Aadhav Balaji and Madhu Nikka. The film's producer PR Tamilselvam has played the lead role. Also Aadukalam Jayapalan, Raj Kapoor, OAK Sundar, Benjamin, Vijay Ganesh, Super Good Subramani. Gnanaprakasam, Siva, Attu Muthu, Rahul Datta, Anees, Emil Ganapathy, Raghava Murthy, Dindigul Thanam, Kanchana, Deepa, Yamuna and others have acted.

Make real and punish the monsters who commit sexual violence against children and women

A glance is enough. Perianna Music composer Pharani was noticed through songs in films like Chaplin. His music consists of four songs. Once again music composer Bharani Patti Thani will be talked about everywhere with this film. Especially Nayagan's song Bharatme Bharatme featured in the film will surely dazzle the listeners and the viewers. Dina mastered the choreography by giving different dance moves to each song. Four fight scenes in Mittal Selva's fight training are grandly shot. Debutant director Velan has directed the film as a solution to weed out sex offenders with social concern. Cinematographer R. Wale has shot the cinematography with the flow of the story for this film. Jayam Ravi starrer Mridhan, Chitram Bechuthadi-2, Adama Jaychomada. KJ Venkataramanan, who worked as the cinematographer for Paramaguru films, has given excellent cinematography for the film.

The music launch party of the film was held in a grand manner and the song Ganja Bisinariye from the film has crossed five lakh audience and is playing Patti Tanki everywhere.

Socially conscious films are coming in Tamil cinema like Athi Bhoothar, and as one such film, Meipadasei is set to release in your favorite theaters on January 27th and will attract fans.

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