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Mark Antony Tamil Movie (2023): Budget, Hit or Flop, Box Office Collection Day Wise

Mark Antony: Movie Budget, Profit & Hit or Flop, Box Office Collection

Here is Below are Box office collection report of Tamil Movie 'Mark Antony' With his Budget, Profit and Hit or Flop status at Mtwikiblog.com. also including of the film lead star cast:- Vishal, Ritu Varma, Sj Suryah, Sunil Varma.
Mark Antony is an Indian Tamil Language Action, Drama Film of 2023, directed by Adhik Ravichandran and produced by S. Vinod Kumar, under the banner of the Mini Studio.
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Mark Antony Box Office Collection Day Wise, Budget, Hit or Flop - Here check the Tamil movie Mark Antony Worldwide Box Office Collection along with cost, profits, Box office verdict Hit or Flop on MTWikiblog, wiki, Wikipedia, IMDB.

Mark Antony Movie Budget, Total Box Office, Profit, Loss and Verdict Hit or Flop?:-

Release Date:-15 September 2023
Running time:- 2h 31m
Certification:- UA
Total Worldwide Collection:- 102.2 Crore
Budget:- 28 crores
Profit/Loss:- --
Box Office Verdict (Hit or Flop):- Blockbuster
Page Last Update on:-12 October 2023
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India Box Office Collection Summary

DayCollection Amount
Opening Day 7.75 Crore
End of Opening Weekend 27.45 Crore
End of Week 1 46.85 Crore
End of Week 2 67.2 Crore
Total Collection70.68 Crore

Mark Antony Tamil Box Office Collection Day Wise (India Net) Report

DayCollection Amount
Day 1 7.2 Crore
Day 2 8.3 Crore
Day 3 9.3 Crore
Day 4 7.1 Crore
Day 5 3.6 Crore
Day 6 2.85 Crore
Day 7 2.6 Crore
Day 8 2.9 Crore
Day 9 4.5 Crore
Day 10 4.75 Crore
Day 11 1.75 Crore
Day 12 1.9 Crore
Day 13 1.75 Crore
Day 14 0.83 Crore
Day 15 0.33 Crore
Day 16 0.64 Crore
Day 17 0.94 Crore
Day 18 0.8 Crore
Day 19 0.25 Crore
Day 20 0.2 Crore
Day 21 0.18 Crore
Day 22 0.15 Crore
Day 23 0.3 Crore
Day 24 0.35 Crore
Day 25 0.1 Crore
Total Tamil Collection62.67 Crore
Box Office VerdictBlockbuster

Mark Antony Telugu Box Office Collection Day Wise (India Net) Report

DayCollection Amount
Day 1 1.3 Crore
Day 2 1.1 Crore
Day 3 1.1 Crore
Day 4 0.75 Crore
Day 5 0.6 Crore
Day 6 0.55 Crore
Day 7 0.5 Crore
Day 8 0.3 Crore
Day 9 0.4 Crore
Day 10 0.4 Crore
Day 11 0.25 Crore
Day 12 0.3 Crore
Day 13 0.25 Crore
Day 14 0.07 Crore
Day 15 0.02 Crore
Day 16 0.02 Crore
Day 17 0.03 Crore
Day 18 0.03 Crore
Day 19 0.02 Crore
Day 20 0.02 Crore
Day 21 0.01 Crore
Total Telugu Collection8.01 Crore
Box Office VerdictAverage

Worldwide Box Office Collection (Gross)

ScheduleCollection Amount
India box office Nett:-71.58 Crore
India box office Gross:-83.2 Crore
Overseas Gross:-19 Crore
Total Worldwide Collections Gross102.2 Crore

Screen count

India:- 2100 Screen
Overseas:- 800 Screen
Total Worldwide2900 Screen

Mark Antony Budget

Mark Antony has been made on an overall budget of Rs 28 Crores.

Production Budget: 28 Crores
Prints & Advertising Costs: 23 Crores

Mark Antony Hit or Flop Economics

Mark Antony should gross 40 Crores overall to be called a hit.

Movie Records


Jailer: 91.2 Crore gross
Ponniyin Selvan 2: 64.14 Crore gross
Varisu: 47.5 Crore gross
Thunivu: 41 Crores gross
Vaathi : 14.85 Crores gross
Maaveeran: 12 Crore gross
Mark Antony: 11.55 Crore gross
Maamannan: 10 Crore gross
Pathu Thala: 8 Crore gross
Rudhran: 5 Crore gross
Viduthalai Part 1: 4.5 Crore gross
Agilan: 2.75 Crores gross
DD Returns: 2.6 Crore gross

Disclaimer:-Box office collection data has been completed from various sources and by our own research. These data can be approximate and Mtwikiblog.com makes no claims about the authenticity of the box office data.

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