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Badla: Movie Budget, Hit or Flop on 42nd Day Box Office Collection

Badla Movie Box Office Collection with their Budget, Profits & Box office verdict Hit or Flop, Loss.

Here is Below are Box office collection report of Bollywood Movie 'Badla' With his Budget, Profit and Hit or Flop status at MTwikiblog.com. also including of the film lead star cast:- Amitabh Bachchan, Taapsee Pannu, Amrita Singh, Tony Luke, Manav Kaul.
Badla is an Indian crime thriller film of 2019, directed by Sujoy Ghosh and Produced by Gauri Khan, Sunir Khetarpal, Akshai Puri, Gaurav Verma.
First look Poster of Badla 2019
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Badla Film Budget, Profit, Loss and Verdict Hit or Flop ?

Last Update: 21 April 2019
Running time: 1 hours and 58 Minutes
Release date: 8 March 2019
Total Collection:- 87.42 Crores
Budget + P&A: 24 Crores
Production Cost: 16 Crore
Prints & Advertising Cost: 8 Crore
Profit/Loss: 63.42 Crore
Box Office Verdict (Hit or Flop): Super-Hit


Badla is release on 1000 screens India.


Badla is a 2019 Indian crime thriller film.
Note:-All Box Office collections Report as per production and distributor sources and MT WIKI Research.
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Report of Daily Domestic Box Office Collection:-

Day 1 (Friday) 5.04 Crore
Day 2 (Saturday) 8.55 Crore
Day 3 (Sunday) 9.61 Crore
End of Opening Weekend Total: 23.20 Crores
Day 4 (Monday) 3.75 Crore
Day 5 (Tuesday) 3.85 Crore
Day 6 (Wednesday) 3.55 Crore
Day 7 (Thursday) 3.65 Crore
End of Opening Week Total: 38 Crores
Day 8 (2nd Friday) 4.05 Crore
Day 9 (2nd Saturday) 6.70 Crore
Day 10 (2nd Sunday) 8.22 Crore
End of Second Weekend Total: 56.70 Crores
Day 11 (2nd Monday) 2.80 Crore
Day 12 (2nd Tuesday) 2.60 Crore
Day 13 (2nd Wednesday) 2.60 Crore
Day 14 (2nd Thursday) 2.35 Crore
End of Second Week Total: 38 Crores
Day 15 (3rd Friday) 2.07 Crore
Day 16 (3rd Saturday) 2.65 Crore
Day 17 (3rd Sunday) 2.75 Crore
End of Third Weekend Total: 74.79 Crores
Day 18 (3rd Monday) 1 Crore
Day 19 (3rd Tuesday) 0.90 Crore
Day 20 (3rd Wednesday) 0.90 Crore
Day 21 (3rd Thursday) 0.85 Crore
End of Second Week Total: 78.44 Crores
Day 22 (4th Friday) 0.70 Crore
Day 23 (4th Saturday) 1.20 Crore
Day 24 (4th Sunday) 1.45 Crore
End of Fourth Weekend Total: 81.79 Crores
Day 24 (4th Monday) 0.55 Crore
Day 26 (4th Tuesday) 0.50 Crore
Day 27 (4th Wednesday) 0.45 Crore
Day 28 (4th Thursday) 0.40 Crore
End of Fourth Week Total: 83.69 Crores
Day 29 (5th Friday) 0.30 Crore
Day 30 (5th Saturday) 0.55 Crore
Day 31 (5th Sunday) 0.72 Crore
End of Fifth Weekend Total: 85.26 Crores
Day 32 (5th Monday) 0.20 Crore
Day 33 (5th Tuesday) 0.20 Crore
Day 34 (5th Wednesday) 0.20 Crore
Day 35 (5th Thursday) 0.20 Crore
End of Fifth Week Total: 86.06 Crores
Day 36 (6th Friday) 0.20 Crore
Day 37 (6th Saturday) 0.36 Crore
Day 38 (6th Sunday) 0.45 Crore
End of Sixth Weekend Total: 87.07 Crores
Day 39 (6th Monday) 0.10 Crore
Day 40 (6th Tuesday) 0.10 Crore
Day 41 (6th Wednesday) 0.10 Crore
Day 42 (6th Thursday) 0.05 Crore
End of Sixth Week Total: 87.42 Crores
Total: 87.42 Crores (42 Day)

Worldwide Collections GROSS:-

India box office Nett87.42 Crores
India box office Gross103.21 Crore
Overseas Gross34.61 Crore
Worldwide Collections Gross Total: 137.82 Crore

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