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Tamil Movies Hits and Flops 2023 | Kollywood Box Office Collection 2023

Tamil Movies Hits and Flops 2023 | Kollywood Box Office Collection 2023 Reports & Box Office Verdict (Hit ya Flop)

Tamil Movies Hits and Flops 2023 - Are you looking for Kollywood Hit or Flop Movies 2023 List? Then don't miss this article. We are here you to help you in fetching out the latest updated report of Tamil box office collection with Budget (Cost+ P&A), Worldwide box office collection including Tamil India Net, India Gross, Overseas collection.

We are also including Top 5 Highest Grossing Kollywood Movies 2023 in Opening day, Opening Weekend, first Week and Highest Grossing movies of Year 2023 by India Tamil Net Box Office Collection. This list is updated on March 25, 2023.
Tamil Movies Hits and Flops 2023 - Get the Kollywood Box Office Collection 2023 Reports and Box Office Verdict (Hit ya Flop).

Tamil Movies Hits and Flops 2023

Movie Name

Worldwide Box Office

Tamil Net Box Office

India Gross Box Office

Overseas Box Office


Box Office Verdict (Hit Ya Flop)

John Wick: Chapter 4400 Crore0.31 Crore10.5 Crore300 Crore0 CroreHit
Kannai Nambaathe0 Crore3.05 Crore0 Crore0 Crore10 CroreHit
Shazam! Fury Of The Gods540 Crore1.04 Crore12.8 Crore527.2 Crore900 CroreNone
Kabzaa34.5 Crore0.61 Crore32.65 Crore1.85 Crore15 CroreHit
Agilan2.25 Crore9.15 Crore1.85 Crore0.4 Crore15 CroreHit
Kondraal Paavam0 Crore0.15 Crore0 Crore0 Crore5 CroreHit
Bakasuran0 Crore6.34 Crore0 Crore0 Crore10 CroreHit
Vaathi115 Crore39.87 Crore90 Crore24.5 Crore35 CroreSuper Hit
Dada20.9 Crore18 Crore19.4 Crore1.5 Crore4 CroreBlockbuster
Michael10.3 Crore2.2 Crore 8.7 Crore1.6 Crore10 CroreHit
Run Baby Run Crore6.37 Crore Crore Crore10 CroreNone
Pathan980 Crore5.78 Crore611.5 Crore368.5 Crore250 CroreHit
Thunivu199.3 Crore117.94 Crore143.65 Crore55.65 Crore200 CroreHit
Varisu297.33 Crore149.03 Crore208.33 Crore89 Crore200 CroreSuper Hit

Top 5 Highest Grossing Tamil Movies of 2023 by Worldwide Gross Collection

RankMovie NameRelease DateIndia Tamil NetBox Office Verdict
1Varisu11 January 2023148.42 Crore
2Thunivu11 January 2023117.94 Crore
3Dada10 February 20237.45 Crore
4Pathan25 January 20235.7 Crore
5Run Baby Run25 January 20236.1 Crore
6Michael3 February 20232.2 Crore
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  • This list has been prepared from various sources and our research.
  • This list includes only India box office collection.
  • The data can be approximate and we do not make any claims about the authenticity of the data. Although they adequately indicate the film's box-office performance
  • We only report trade figures.

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